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Metcalfe Health Care Center has been operating as a non-profit, county owned nursing facility since 1977. The corporation Metcalfe Health Services, Inc. was formed for the purpose of providing long-term care services to the residents of Metcalfe County. Land was purchased for the facility in December 1974 and construction began in April 1976. The project was spearheaded by then County Judge Executive Woodrow Wilson and nursing home board members Herb Sparks, John Paul Blevins, Glen Finn, Alyne Frasier, Lucy Forbes, and George Cowan.

The facility opened its doors for admissions on March 7th, 1977. At that time, there were 36 personal care beds and 24 nursing facility beds. That bed complement changed in March 1978 to 30 personal care beds and 30 nursing facility beds. In 1983 the north wing of the facility was constructed. It included an additional 41 nursing facility beds, a laundry, and multi-purpose room. A sun room was built in 1990 and a classroom in 1995. The bed complement changed once again in January 2014 when 9 personal care beds were de-certified. The facility now has a total of 92 beds; 21 of which are personal care beds and 71 are nursing facility beds.

Metcalfe Health Care Center has been proudly serving the health care needs of Metcalfe and surrounding counties for 37 years. We invite you to become acquainted with our facility and let us share with you the dedication to service that has become our hallmark.