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Short-Term Rehabilitation

Short-Term Rehab StaffAfter hospitalization, your physician may recommend a short-term stay at a skilled nursing facility, such as the short-stay rehab suites at Metcalfe Health Care Center. Rehabilitation programs can make an incredible difference in your health and well-being. MHCC’s short-stay program is available for those individuals who need additional recovery time and rehabilitation after a surgery, illness or hospital stay. The goal of our rehabilitation services is to accelerate healing and improve the quality of life for our residents and ultimately return them to home.

Residents in a short-stay suite at a MHCC will receive rehabilitation therapy that acts as a bridge, transitioning them from hospital care back to the community. The focus is on physical and functional improvement and personal independence. A team of professionals works with each resident to restore health and help him or her achieve maximum independence in activities of daily living.

Discharge planning begins upon admission focusing on the individualized goal and desired outcomes. Our team members' objective is to help each resident reach his or her maximum health and functional ability which includes educating both the resident and their family members to successfully manage their daily routine after discharge.

Call or stop by MHCC today to learn more about our short-stay suites. We are excited to offer this valuable service to our community!